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“Got Faith”

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Do you got faith? In order to be saved, to be in Christ, we must trust him. That is, we must come to the point where we see the futility of our works before God. We must see that we are altogether unclean, devoid of righteousness, and in fact unrighteous altogether before the unflinching bar of eternal justice Jesus is the one who comes as God in the flesh  to save his people from their sins. He lives the perfect life that I could and would not. He obeys the Law perfectly, loving his Father and neighbor perfectly and ultimately gives his life as the payment for sinners like me and you 

We look away from ourselves and unto the God who has revealed himself, made promises, acted powerfully, showcased his supremacy, and won our loyalty. So we believe—we trust and treasure God! 


*Tee Unisex is & 100% Cotton *